Our Lives in Manly

Now that we've settled into Manly, we wanted to give you a glimpse into our new community.  We still can't believe that we live here; it is just so amazing!  Once we moved in, we wanted to explore the local spots and figure out which spots we'd become regulars at.  We've found quite a few favorites so far and are still discovering new places each week. We love living on top of a grocery store and have gotten accustomed to thinking of it as our personal pantry.  We visit it daily and get what we need, when we need it.  It really cuts back on waste, which is great.  Additionally, we've found all of the essentials and then some: bakery, butcher, macaroon shop, movie theater, and brewery.  

Scotch Filets that we got from the local butcher and grilled on our patio. "Scotch Filet" is Aussie for Rib Eye.  I need to ask the butcher about getting some tri-tip.

L to R: Lime & Mint Mojito, Hot Chocolate - (milk chocolate, cinnamon & chili), Watermelon & Orange, Sweet Corn with a hint of Mango, Lychee.  Not pictured are the Cola and Passion Fruit ones which we liked the most.

4 Pines offers the best beer I've had that is brewed in Australia. Their Pale is my favorite; it's an American-style hoppy ale which is very hard to find in Australia because most Australian beers are weak sauce lagers lacking flavor. We're fans of this Hefe because of the unique hint of bananas. It's a great summer beer. On top of being within spitting distance of our place, 4 Pines has cases and growlers to go!  
Living by the beach is truly wonderful!  So far the only minor downside is the commute into the city/Anna's work.  Fortunately, there are multiple ferry lines which provide an option every 20 minutes or so.  At this point, Anna has the various ferry schedules dialed in for getting to work and I've done the same with the oh so important swell and tides for surfing.  She enjoys reading on her commute and spending some time relaxing before and after work.  There is wifi on the ferries in case you need to get work done or want to catch up on emails, facebook, the Kardashians, etc.
The Ferry Route to/from Google
I mentioned in the last post that we had settled in and we soon received multiple requests for shots of our new home.  Who am I to disappoint?
Entry Hall, Bathroom (on the left)
Board Quiver Hallway
Living Room and Kitchen
Living Room
Patio just off of the living room. The trees off in the distance line the beach.

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  1. I finally read this! And am so impressed you've kept up so far, I gave up after about three months. Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time. Seriously can't wait to go visit. Looks like it will likely be in Feb. Tickets are pricey, but hey you only live once.