And we're back!

Boxes are unpacked, pictures are hung, and local hangouts are being established.  We are finally settled in! We've landed in Manly and are loving every minute of it.  We're close to the beach and we can't wait for the summer that is just around the corner.
A lot of lessons have been learned in this move, which finally looks to be over. One lesson is that things definitely happen at a slower pace in Australia.  The blog went down for a few weeks, because that is the normal time it takes to have internet installed down under.  Three weeks after moving in, we finally got our connection back to the 'net and are blogging once again.  To make up for the absence, here comes a flood of photos from some of our Australian adventures.
We've splashed down in Manly
Suit and "Fascinator" hat for the Melbourne Cup. Our horse won, so we're all smiles!

Halloween isn't that big in Australia, but we did our part. There's a Mario Kart track in Sydney?

Manly Beach, just a few steps from our apartment

One of the neighboring beaches, Curl Curl

"Freshie" a.k.a. Freshwater Beach

The Boat House, Hawkesbury River
Our new friends!

LCR is always a crowd pleaser, especially when you win.

The Three Sisters, Echo Point in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba

Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains

I became a Captain on my 31st
Sailing in the Harbour

One of the few reptiles that can't kill you in the Taronga Zoo

Even this lion was spooked by the deadly snakes

Afternoon nap


Hopefully the only shark we see in Australia

Lonely Starfish

Old Lighthouse near Watson's Bay

Sydney Sunset
Some famous building; I don't remember the name

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